SKS Manual – Instruction & Maintenance

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This is a manual that is meant to show how to operate an SKS rifle. A brief history of the weapon, safety guidelines, loading and unloading, cleaning procedures- everything you’d likely need to know is in here. There are a number of black-and-white drawings and pictures, and they are helpful, but not as much as those used in US Armed Forces manuals.

The SKS has a large number of variants, though not so many as the AK-47. So while any SKS is relevant to this manual, there will be slight differences between certain models. The sling, for example, has a hole in the stock for its rear mount on the East German Karabiner-S, and there is no cleaning kit in the stock. This is in contrast to most versions, however, and Karabiner-S rifles are exceptionally rare.

This is a good manual and inexpensive for anyone who has an SKS or any of its variants, although the US Army’s TC 9-56 is probably better overall.



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