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The Buffer Technologies Recoil Buffer™ for the Mac 10 replaces the original factory unit. It differs from the original one in two very beneficial ways. First, it is made of a resilient, high-impact polyurethane. This material is capable of enduring the normal firing conditions that the factory unit couldn’t stand up to. Second, it allows the recoil spring to rest against the rear support plate. This eliminates the severe compression between the bolt and the rear support plate so that the recoil spring, which had a tendency to chew up the buffer, no longer proves self destructive to the weapon. The Recoil Buffers™ will work with any caliber.

Those who install Recoil Buffers™ into their Mac’s will not only be protecting their investment by prolonging the weapons’ service life, but they will also find that the recoil is reduced and muzzle stability is increased which is very important for rapid fire. In fact, Recoil Buffers™ can do this for any gun! They work so well that many people believe they should be installed in all guns by their manufacturers. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case. So, until that time comes, make sure your weapon functions as well and as long as it possibly can!



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