Cammenga SKS 7.62 X 39

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This Cammenga Loader works with the following magazines:  SKS 7.62 X 39 magazines.

Cammenga’s custom magazine loaders are used by fighting forces and sports shooters all over the world. The Cammenga Easyloader’s innovative design facilitates quick and effortless loading of high capacity magazines without the frustration and fatigue of the traditional method of loading rounds one-by-one. The superior quality and design of the Cammenga Easloaders are made from impact proof nylon fiberglass to resist heat, cold, and corrosion. All Easyloaders come with a lifetime guarantee. With models available for over 10 different caliber rounds, there is a Cammenga Easyloader for every popular firearm on the market.


  • Resistant to heat, cold and corrosion for long-lasting durability in any environment
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Made in the USA

COLOR: Black



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